Custom Lisa Sanders


                                                                                       Actual Price

2 tree of life with tie            (10x7 inches White Ppr)  92

2 dream catcher black owl  (8x6 inches Vintage ).    88

2 turquoise dream catcher   (7x5 inches Vintage ).    84

2 yellow dream catcher         (7x5 inches Vintage )    84

1 butterfly                               (7x5 inches Vintage )    43

1 amethyst dragon                (8x6 inches Vintage )     42

1 turquoise dragon                (8x6 inches Vintage )     42

1 brass button                        (7x5 inches Vintage )     39

1 triquetra 7 stone                 (8x6 inches Vintage )     45

1 tree life w onyx at bottom   (8x6 inches Vintage )    42

1 sunflower                              (7x5 inches Vintage )    42

1 everyday bag                        (12x10 inches)              66

And 4 pens purple black gold and turquoise              44

Actual Total: $711

Postage AUD 92 (8kg)

Total: $803

Final Total $640 Australian (delivered) 

(Vintage paper is a little expensive )

You can have your initials embossed on the journal/ bag. 

Please choose your initials from:

lowercase a-z
Numbers: 0-9
Special Characters - . & ❤️

Special Requests

If you are any particular stone, or paper option that is not listed here, please write in the 'Embossing' tab.

Stones choices are: Lapis (blue), Turquoise (green), Tigers Eye(brown), Amethyst (purple) and Rose Quartz (Pink)

Paper choices are: Lined paper, Unlined white paper and Vintage tea stained paper. All paper is atleast 125gsm and leak proof.



As all our Leather Journals, Natural Perfumes and Leather Bags are designed here in Melbourne (Australia) and thus we are able to provide 1 year warranty and free repairs on all our products. Our workshop is Melbourne is 100% capable to fixing any problems you have with our products.

All you have to do it swing by our shop in Melton West, Victoria or post your item out to us and we will do all the repairs or replacement free of cost.


Faulty items will be refunded or repaired.

Personalised products will be repaired, but cant be refunded unless there is fault (and if there is a fault we will accept it straightaway, no problems)


All our orders are shipped via Australia Post, within 1-3 business days with Australia Post and tracking is provided with all orders above $20

Thank-you for your continuous support, and for looking after your local Australian business. We look forward to serving you.

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